A day trip to explore Hong Kong Food

A day trip to explore Hong Kong Food

The beauty of Hong Kong Food

As we all know, the Cantonese cuisine dominates the market of Hong Kong food. Two distinctive features of Cantonese cuisine are freshness and simplicity. As a general rule the more simple cooking is fresh ingredients are required. Therefore, a typical Cantonese feast is a guarantee of quality.

As a native life Cantonese in Hong Kong, leave that it will guide you through a day of Hong Kong's food tour. Please make an effort to enjoy the delicious Cantonese food as suggested.

Agenda of a classic Hong Kong Food Tour

Breakfast or lunch - Dim Sum

Breakfast or lunch Dim sum is a great social lifestyle of the residents of Hong Kong. Locals and expatriates all what I want.

Dim sum is only served at breakfast in the afternoon. Never attempt to order dim sum for dinner.

Dim sum as Cantonese cuisine in Hong Kong representative is widely available in the city. Never dim sum in a hotel restaurant. That is not the authentic style. Look for some however ordered noisy restaurants. There are plenty of dim sum for quality in City restaurants. You only have to check with the hotel concierge for one nearby.

«These are the trio of super ' who have to eat ' articles:

or steamed shrimp dumplings

or steamed pork dumplings

or steamed BBQ pork buns

You'll have to pay the cost of tea (per head) and 10% service charge per ticket. A dim sum lunch would cost HK $ 50 - 100 per person.

Preferred restaurant:

Restaurant Maxim in the Town Hall, Lower Block, Central, Hong Kong. This restaurant is always full due to the quality of its food. Tel: (852) 2521 - 1303

Tea Time - 14: 30-17: 30

At this time of the day, the foods are sold at reduced prices. Why not go for a lunch later? A tea set usually costs HK $ 15 - 30.

Hong Kong Tea Milk

This is the only element of casual restaurants that exceeds five-star hotels.

Hong Kong is tea with milk very strong tea mixed with condensed milk. Tea also sneaks through a storage appliance - like, so very soft and silky texture. You only have to have at least a cup of it during his visit to Hong Kong.

During tea time, a cup of hot milk tea is sold at HK $ 6 in the Coral Café. Even MacDonald is serving tea localized milk, in addition to its traditional American tea.

Preferred restaurant:
Coral Café, a chain of fast food restaurants that you can easily find one everywhere in the city. Without service fee.

Wanton Noodle

This is another famous Cantonese food in Hong Kong. It is considered a light meal or a tea time snack.

Without Cantonese sense is somewhat similar to dumplings boiled in Beijing. However, its form is closer to a small ball. The filling is mainly fresh shrimp mixed with Minced pork meat and mushrooms. With a special type of 'elastic' noodles in broth, Cantonese, it would have a feeling extremely wonderful mouth.

When it comes to tea, a bowl of noodles of fresh shrimp without sense can cost as little as HK $10. Don't go to stores that sell in Hong Kong 20 $ or more. You can always get a dish of noodles without quality about the good sense of HK $15.

Wonton noodle shops are easy to find, especially in commercial areas. These are the causal restaurants generally without service charge incurred. Wonton noodles rarely served in restaurants of haute cuisine.

Dinner Time - seafood and others

Seafood is a typical Cantonese Hong Kong food, especially during dinner time. Good quality everywhere fish restaurants. Restaurants Dim sum usually serve seafood dinner.

If you want to eat the best seafood cooked with the finest ingredients, Hong Kong is the place. Frankly, live seafood could be costly, depending on the type and size. A mere one kilogram deep-sea would cost a few hundred dollars of Hong Kong. However, this is a life experience only available in Hong Kong. There is no other place in the world that could have a great dining experience seafood.

Although live seafood is expensive, you have the option of having the refrigerated. They are also very good. Refrigerated fish are typically sold at a fixed price. Some restaurants even offer seafood set menu. This will allow you to manage your budget more easily.

Chicken steamed (normal version) is another classic Hong Kong food. Whole chicken is steamed and cut after it is cooked. Applies no seasoning. Only eaten with a sauce of crushed ginger and salt mixed with hot oil. Smashed green union

5 Countries that food is the most popular in World

5 Countries that food is the most popular in World. Each state would have a special food that is sure loved by its own citizens. But if it got famous specialties around the world, then surely racikannya very special and delicious.

Well, where are the food of the country can be known and loved by connoisseurs of the culinary world? This is the answer;

Chinese cuisine. Chinese citizens are scattered all over the world contribute to the popularization of various types of food affect trademark. In Indonesia, the typical food of the country's bamboo curtain a very well-known example is the noodles and meatballs.

French cuisine. France is famous for its cuisine flavor heights. Production of the cheese and wine favored by many other countries in the world. French cheese and even recorded a fantastic price and tastes delicious. A French bread are worldwide, called Croissant.

Indian cuisine. Since India is rich with spices, then cooking is always rich in color, flavor, and aroma. For example, various types of Indian curry containing turmeric abundant. Crepes are also very popular with the public, even in Indonesia.

Italian cuisine. Who do not know the typical Italian foods that have worldwide? True. Pizza is a food typical of a country that is famous for its mafia. There is also a risotto, spaghetti and some other types.
Mexican food. The hallmark of Mexican cuisine is the use of a large portion of tomatoes and potatoes, as well as various vegetables that the colors are so tempting. Also a spicy bite that always dominate the food. Tacos in Indonesia known as Mexican food is much preferred.

Wow! Menu Indonesia Sign In 50 World yummiest food!

Wow! Menu Indonesia Sign In 50 World yummiest food! Who would have thought if rendang could occupy the top position of the list of the most delicious food in the world? Survey results published by Cnngo.com page on Tuesday (7/9), include rendang came out as a winner from all the food around the world. Not only that, the fried rice is also out as champions second in the survey on Facebook, followed about 35 thousand people from all over the world.

Both types of authentic Indonesian food was even defeated massaman curry from Thailand and Neapolitan pizza from Italy that in the previous survey was in position 1 and 2. In addition to rendang and fried rice, other typical food from Indonesia, satay is also present in the list at position 14. Of a total of 50 lists delicious food in the world, there are three types of food from Indonesia. (LIP6/Ezz)

Here is a complete list of the 50 most delicious foods in the world version of CNN.

1. Rendang (Indonesia)
2. Nasi goreng (Indonesian)
3. Sushi (Japanese)
4. Tom yam goong (Thailand)
5. Pad thai (Thailand)
6. Som tham (Thailand)
7. Dim sum (Hong Kong)
8. Ramen (Japanese)
9. Peking duck (China)
10. Massaman curry (Thailand)
11. Lasagna (Italy)
12. Kimchi (Korean)
13. Chicken rice (Singapore)
14. Sate (Indonesia)
15. Ice cream (USA)
16. Kebab (Turkey)
17. Gelato (Italian)
18. Croissant (France)
19. Green curry (Thailand)
20. Pho (Vietnam)
21. Fish 'n' chips (UK)
22. Egg tart (Hong Kong)
23. Bulgogi (Korean)
24. Fried rice (Thailand)
25. Chocolate (Mexico)
26. Sour laksa Penang (Malaysia)
27. Tacos (Mexico)
28. Barbecue pork (Hong Kong)
29. Chili crab (Singapore)
30. Cheeseburger (U.S.)
31. Fried chicken (U.S.)
32. Lobster (global)
33. Seafood paella (Spanish)
34. Shrimp dumpling (Hong Kong)
35. Neopolitan pizza (Italian)
36. Mo nam tok (Thailand)
37. Potato chips (U.S.)
38. Warm brownie and vanilla ice cream (global)
39. Masala dosa (India)
40. Bibimbap (Korean)
41. Galbi (Korean)
42. Hamburger (Germany)
43. Fajitas (Mexico)
44. Laksa (Singapore)
45. Roti prata (Singapore)
46. Maple syrup (Canada)
47. Fettucini alfredo (Italy)
48. Parma ham (Italy)
49. Lechon (Philippines)
50. Gui cuon (Vietnamese)